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 I serve multiple roles at the University of West Alabama. I am an associate professor of Exercise Science, starting my 9th academic year this July. I hold a PhD focused in Kinesiology and Exercise Science from The University of Mississippi and am the director of the Applied Physiology lab with NSCA ERP distinction. My research interest include exercise endocrinology and sport nutrition. I also am a trained phlebotomist.  I have volunteered with UWA baseball for the last 5 seasons. I teach a 5/5 load, advise, mentor, and serve on numerous university, community, and state committees.
I am the Executive Director of Academic Innovation and Workforce Readiness a position funded by the UNCF Career Pathways Initiative through the Lilly Endowment. My primary mission is simple: Every UWA student is career ready. To accomplish this mission, I have redesigned UWA 101 to introduce first year students immediately to all campus and online majors and associated careers. I have developed UWA 201, an online course designed to link sophomores to UWA alumni in their chosen field and incorporated badging via LinkedIn Learning to introduce soft-skills. I meet with all departments on campus as well as with local, regional, state, and federal partners to determine workforce knowledge, skills, and abilities to be incorporated into curriculum (ongoing).
I am co-chair of Healthy Places for Health People, a joint University and City of Livingston initiative funded by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. For this initiative, I collaborated with the EPA, ALProHealth, Renaissance Planning, Delta Regional Authority, and other state and local agencies to create a new Rural Economic Development Theory of Change Model that leverages federal, state, and local partnerships to drive downtown revitalization by increasing healthcare access and outreach. Due to this effort, we are launching the 5KADAY initiative fall 2019 which will increase walk-ability by connecting the City of Livingston, UWA, and the Lake LU trail system.  

College to Career initiative

Current Course Load


EX 240 Foundations of Exercise Science

EX/PE 397 Independent Study in Exercise Science 

EX/PE 421/521 Measurement and Evaluation in Human Performance  EX/PE 442/542 Sport and Exercise Nutrition

EX/PE 444/544 Exercise Physiology

EX 445 Exercise Physiology Lab

EX/PE 446 Biomechanics

EX 449 Exercise Science Internship

EX/PE 451/551 Exercise Testing and Prescription

EX/PE 470/570 Development of Strength and Conditioning Programs 

EX/PE 545 Nature and Basis of Movement

PY 408 Sports Psychology

(500 courses are graduate level and most classes offered online or hybrid)

Contact Information

UWA Webb Hall 201

UWA Bibb Graves (Exercise Physiology Lab)

James Robinson PhD

University of West Alabama, 100 US HIGHWAY 11, Livingston, Alabama 35470, United States

(205) 652-3441